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Why hire a real estate agent to list your rental property?

  1. 90% of all rentals are done through MLS, why would you deny yourself the chance to get the best clients.

  2. Trends for marketing are changing constantly. Hire a professional to maximize exposure and minimize costs.

  3. The costs to hiring a real estate agent would be less than doing the work yourself.

  4. You have created a few layers of protection with a buyer agent, listing agent (who checks the rental application and credit check) and lastly, your opinion. The harder it is for a "bad" tenant to rent, the chances are they will find an easier target.

  5. Your listing agent will have access to tradesman and have relationships with property management to resolve problems quickly.

  6. You are creating a relationship with your real estate agent that could last decades. Choose someone you trust and you will maximize your profits through efficiency and trust.

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